Who I AM: William "BILL" Williams

Debbie & I have been married for 16 years. I grow up in St Petersburg, Florida and graduated from Northeast High School. Debbie grow up in Chicago, Illinois and graduated in the Chicago area. After graduating high school I joined the U.S. Air Force.

We purchased our home in 2018 in Loganville. Previously we lived in Gwinnett County just outside the city limits on Shannon Road. Debbie's parents Karen and Tom reside with us in our house. We have a large pack of dogs with 2 Huskies, a flat coat retriever, and 3 pomarians.

"What you lack in Talent can be made in up in Desire & Hustle and give 110% All of the Time - Don Zimmer Major League Baseball Manager"

We enjoy attend and watching Nascar races. In addition we love the great outdoors by camping in State Parks in our travel trailer camper. We soak up the sunshine by kayaking and fishing in nearby lakes and streams.